Our auto-lubrication systems offer precise, temperature independent and fully automatic operations consisting of an electromechanical drive unit, a lubrication cartridge different lubricant volumes and a battery pack. The desired discharge period and lube cartridge size can easily be selected with the push button and are immediately visible in the display. The operating status is indicated on the display and with the all around LED signal lights (red/green), which are visible from a distance.

We also offer installation kits that include place-holders for single or multiple units and all necessary parts and hose


We installed this Parma Star automatic single point lubrication systems to dispense grease into bearings on a belt filter press in a rock quarry in Las Vegas, NV. This unit consists of a reusable electro-mechanical drive unit and a single-use lubricant cartridge. Because the lubricator is mechanically driven the dispensing rate is independent of ambient temperature and back pressure. It also provides hermetically sealed lubrication points, keeping dust and moisture out of the equipment

Belt filter press not running and prior to auto-lube install.

Belt filter press running with auto-lube system installed