Demon Armor protective wear liners were designed as a cost effective and long lasting alternative to AR400 steel plate. Demon Armor is engineered for harsh industrial environments where high performance and long wear life is required to protect equipment and chutes. In many applications, Demon Armor outlasts AR400 by more than 10 times.

Hardness of AR400 is commonly found to be near or below 400 Brinell while Demon Armor has a hardness of near 715 Brinell. The Brinell hardness test method is used to determine Brinell hardness, is defined in ASTM E10. Most often, the harder the metal, the longer lasting it is in a harsh and abrasive environment. Additional treatments can be added to Demon Armor to increase the hardness to exceed 715 Brinell and further extending the wear life of our plates without causing the metal to become Brittle. Alternative products with a similar hardness may have a trade off of being brittle, thus cracking and fracturing in a tough industrial environment such as a hard rock mine or coal mine.

Demon Armor is NOT as casted or molded product, therefore we can prefabricate plates, pins, shafts, etc to meet the sizing requirements and needs of our customer’s unique application. Demon Armor can also be predrilled and tapped for specialty installation.¬†With thickness up to 4″, Demon Armor can be engineered to stand up to the harshest of environments.

Common industrial abrasion and impact wear applications include:

  • chutes liners
  • feed boxes
  • sizing screen
  • feed lips
  • sizing screen discharge lips
  • shafts
  • pins
  • crusher parts
  • impact plates
  • impact beds
  • fan blades
  • fan housings
  • transfer points
  • unlimited custom applications

This customer placed a 5/8″ thick plate of AR400 right next to a 5/8″ thick plate of Demon Armor. After 500,000 tons of direct impact from rock feed in rock quarry, the AR400 was completely shredded and worn while the Demon Armor did NOT show any wear of any sort. The plant feed was made up of rock that was sized at 2″ minus and 76% silica.