Materials such as crushed rock, sand and stone on conveyor belts will wear down the wiper blades on your primary and secondary belt cleaning systems. As a popular solution we offer a wide variety of aftermarket urethane wiper blades for nearly every available system on any size conveyor belt ranging from 18-96″. We also offer primary and secondary belt cleaning systems for many size conveyor belts.


Urethane replacement wiper blades is a product that goes on a primary or secondary wiper system installed on a conveyor belt to ‘wipe’ off the material. Other names would include: belt cleaners, scrapers and again there are many manufacturers such as:

Argonics, Flexco, Martin, ASGCO, Arch.  We also provide complete primary and secondary systems through American Eagle Manufacturing.

Secondary systems installed on a 30″ mud belt.

Primary system installed on a 30″ conveyor

Belt wiper systems installed on a 36″ conveyor