Urethane crown bar liners provide the best insurance you can buy to protect your urethane, rubber, wire, and perforated plate screens from premature failure or breakage. Our unique design allows the urethane liner to remain on the crown bar rail and does not allow it to roll off like rubber crown bar liners.
Our urethane liners will not dent like rubber crown bar liners. When rubber liners dent, screen tension is lost, resulting in screen failures. By not denting, our urethane liners help maintain tension on the screens, resulting in longer screen life. This makes our urethane crown bar liners ideal for highly loaded screens.
Our optimum design and premium urethane provide better abrasion resistance, which results in longer life, less downtime, and less maintenance, resulting in lower operating costs.

Results include:

  • Longer screen life
  • Longer crown rail life
  • Less down time
  • Labor savings