USI distributes, installs and services Loup Electronics, providers of most reliable and versatile on-board weight measurement technology on the market.

  • Accuracy and Consistency
  • Eliminate Overload Fines
  • Eliminate Load “Tip Off’s” at the Drive Over Scale
  • Increased Production and Operator Efficiency
  • Optional Data Logging and/or Printing

By measuring hydraulic pressure in the lift cycle, our scales provide a display in the cab of each bucket load and the total material loaded. With optional accessories available, these instruments can be further enhanced to solve practically every on-board weighing requirement. Professional technical support is available 24/7.

Benefits of Using a Font End Loader Scale:

  • Provides an operational and management record that can be printed or data logged
  • Ensures trucks are correctly loaded the first time
  • Eliminates return trips from the scale of over and under loaded trucks
  • Improves site safety by eliminating unnecessary vehicle movements
  • Weighing ‘on the lift’ speeds operation, enabling your operations to load more trucks per shift

Advanced Dual Purpose Wheel Loader Scale and Reverse Camera

The Loup Weighlog Vue is one of the most advanced Wheel Loader Scales available using the latest sensor technology to provide the most accurate and consistent weight readings. With a built-in video input the Weighlog Vue removes the need for an additional screen for reverse camera, freeing valuable cab space.

  • Easy to use 7’’ color touchscreen display with additional physical keys
  • Data collection via SD card and USB Memory Stick
  • Video input allows for Reverse Camera function
  • Wireless Ready
  • Live last bucket tip off at any position
  • Load on the go, no stopping the machine or bucket
  • Up to 4 Pressure Sensors
  • Target loads
  • Optional Printing capability with ICP 300 Printer
  • Advanced weighing mode for even greater accuracy
  • Large display showing bucket load, target load, customer name, material, time of day and more
  • Automatic speed compensated dynamic weighing

The Loup Weighlog 3030 incorporates the latest color touchscreen technology providing a user-friendly on-board weighing system that can be used for trailer & hopper loading, batch blending or check weighing.

Loading correctly first time maximizes productivity, efficiency, reduces vehicle movement, fuel usage and machine & tire wear. As with all Loup wheel loader scales, consistently providing accurate readings is what the Weighlog 3030 does best. The loading process is further simplified by the easy to use touchscreen display.






  • Easy to use 4.3″ color touch screen display
    • The Weighlog 3030 features a full touchscreen display with a collection of icons surrounding the screen and 4 physical push buttons along the bottom side of the display. Most operation of the 3030 wheel loader scale is done using this display.
  • Stores up to 30 customers and 30 products
    • The Weighlog 3030 scale can store up to 30 Products and 30 Customers. Customizable through the corresponding icons on the touchscreen display. In addition, customer defined target loads are automatically associated with each product.
  • Load on the go, no stopping the machine or bucket
    • Increased loading efficiency by never stopping the machine to weigh a bucket, ultimately improving your bottom line.
  • Communication via SD card and USB memory stick.
    • Customer, product and load information can be stored through either SD card or USB memory, depending on your preference.
  • Target Loads
    • Define target loads per truck or customer. Further increasing loading efficiency.
  • Optional printing capability with ICP 300 printer
    • Print receipts in cab of each load for your customers or your own records.


  • Accurate on board weighing
    • Weighing your load correctly from the wheel loader saves time by reducing trips to the scale, increasing efficiency and profit.
  • Simple to use
    • The touchscreen display is extremely responsive and easy to use. Easily configure your customer and product data, target loads, loader attachments and more. Large weight readings are easily visible and a small form factor provide for an unobtrusive view of your operation.
  • Data Management
    • Manage a collection of information on products, customers and loads. Built in SD and USB memory for storage and in cab printing capabilities can further help manage your operation.


The Weighlog Ex is a cost effective and easy to use scale system compatible with any make or model excavator. The main focus of the Weighlog Ex is to increase productivity. Loading correctly the first time eliminates return trips to the pile, reduces vehicle movement and fuel usage. It has been designed to operate within the fastest loading environments, maximizing the tons per hour performance.


  • Angle Compensation for Boom, Dipper Arm and Machine
  • Bucket Angle Compensation
  • Automatic speed compensated dynamic weighing
  • Static Weighing
  • Target loads
  • 2 Hydraulic Pressure Sensors
  • Easy to use 7’’ color touchscreen display
  • Large display showing bucket load, target load, customer name, material, time of day and more
  • Optional Printing capability with ICP 300 Printer
  • Data collection via SD card and USB Memory Stick
  • Up to 6 data fields can be attached to each load

The Loadlog 8000i provides the same features as the Loadlog 800i in addition to the following added and optional features:

  • Large display showing bucket load, target load, customer name, material, and time of day
  • Internal database can hold 1000 products or customers
  • Built in SD card for data transfer
  • Optional printing capability via in cab thermo printer
  • Optional telemetry

Skid Steer, Fork Lift, and Telehandler Scales

The WeighLog 100 and Weighlog 200 provide a low cost solution for various Industrial and Agricultural needs. These scales measure hydraulic pressure at a specific position on the lifting cycle either Dynamically (as the load is being lifted) or Statically (where the load is being lifted to a pre-set reference position where it is held until a reading is calculated).

Weighlog 100 Features
  • Static and dynamic weighing modes
  • 5 Individual channels used for attachments or products
  • Single load sensor
  • For use with skid loaders
  • Grand total loaded display
  • Simple, easy to use